Home Decor | Early 20th Century Antique Signed Qianjiang-Glaze Porcelain Hat Stand/Whisk or Flower Holder - GX65388

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Home Decor | Early 20th Century Antique Signed Qianjiang-Glaze Porcelain Hat Stand/Whisk or Flower Holder GX65388

Up for sale is an antique Chinese Qianjiang glaze (Qianjiang Cai)* handpainted cylindrical vase/hat holder (hat stand) or whisk/flower holder depicting "Dongfang Shuo Stealing Peaches of Longevity"**, made by Yi Cheng Xuan (义成轩)studio, signed and dated, early 20th century, Republic Period, Jingdezhen Ware, good condition with minor glaze wear, private Brooklyn collection
4 7/8 in. (12.4 cm) dia., 11 3/8 in. (28.8 cm) high

*Qianjiang glaze/Qianjiang Cai means literally "light umber" and is a Yuan Dynasty literati painting on paper style where the landscapes are outlined with ink and complemented by strokes of pale umber to designate the lit areas of the landscape. Qianjiang enamel was applied directly on the white glazed porcelain surface, giving the decoration the appearance of watercolor painting on silk or paper. The decorations are pale in coloration and delicate in feeling, in sharp contrast to the richly almost gaudily painted porcelain of the time. Qianjiang painting on porcelain flourished in the latter half of the 19th century up to the early Republic Period around 1910. Objects decorated in this style include brush pots, tea wares, bowls, hat stands etc where a significant proportions being flat porcelain plaques made to be fitted into screens or furniture.

**Dongfang Shuo Stealing Peaches of Longevity - Dongfang Shuo was an official at the court of Han Emperor Wu (r. 141–87 B.C.) known for his quick wit and humorous quips. He has become a legendary figure in Chinese art: one finds his image in ceramics, hardstone carvings, lacquer, painting, and textiles. Here, he is depicted as a long-bearded old man running away from the garden of the Queen Mother of the West, a Chinese goddess. He carries on his shoulders the peaches he has stolen, which are said to have the magic power to extend life.

  • Dimensions
  • 4.8ʺW × 4.8ʺD × 11.4ʺH

  • Styles
  • Asian AntiqueChinese

  • Brand
  • Asian Style

  • Period
  • Early 20th Century

  • Place of Origin
  • China

  • Item Type
  • Vintage, Antique or Pre-owned

  • Materials
  • EnamelPorcelainTextileWatercolor

  • Condition
  • Good Condition, Original Condition Unaltered, Some Imperfections

  • Color
  • White

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